All kids know,
light makes the monsters go away.

The air is something we all share,
and it can sometimes carry
some scary monsters in it.

Wash indoor air with TERMILIGHT AIR,
so everyone can feel peace inside
once again.

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Wash Your air with 254Nm UVC Light

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TERMILIGHT AIR 254Nm UVC Technology has been used on the forefront of public sanitation for decades, and is now available for you to enjoy in your home or building.

TERMILIGHT AIR is designed to be integrated into your existing duct system, ensuring better air is fed to every corner of your home or building.

TERMILIGHT AIR is built with a lifetime in mind. Each system is built, installed and serviced by the TERMILIGHT family of professionals; all dedicated to making sure you and everyone around you have better air to breathe, for life.

Faster Wash Cycles

The TERMILIGHT AIR system design along with powerful 254Nm technology engineered to maximize the amount of air washed per cycle, reaching and maintaining better room air quality faster.

Cost Effective Coverage

TERMILIGHT AIR delivers better air to entire homes and buildings more cost-effectively than any stand-alone room unit.

Better For Life

Canadian-made manufacturing and our affordable Family Membership ensures you and those you care about have better air to breathe for life.

Better Technology

Through our partnership with Philips Signify, TERMILIGHT AIR is designed to deliver better air throughout the day. It does this by showering air as it passes through your duct system with specialized 254Nm UVC light developed by Philips, improving air quality as it passes.

The Philips Signify lighting used in TERMILIGHT AIR is internationally used and recognized for effective air, water and surface sanitation. Its specialized construction creates no toxic ozone or harmful byproducts, ensuring all environments are left better than they were found.

Better Coverage

Today, most air purifiers can only improve air quality, at most, one room at a time. To ensure the highest quality air throughout your home or building, multiple costly purifiers are needed.

TERMILIGHT AIR improves this by integrating into your existing duct system so that all air that cycles is washed before making its way to you and those you care about.

Better Service

When you install TERMILIGHT AIR, we welcome you to our TERMILIGHT Family. Our goal is to support you however we can to make sure that you and the people you care about always have better air to breathe.

For $44/month or $499/year, The TERMILIGHT Family Membership helps ensure your TERMILIGHT AIR system is always operating at its peek for the life of your home or building.

The TERMILIGHT Family Membership includes:
- Annual system inspection
- Annual system refresh: System cleaning & bulb replacement
- Environmental recycling of expired bulbs
- Complementary system updates
- Full warranty on all parts and service
- On-call service and support

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On the purchase of a TERMILIGHT AIR system.

Better Air At Home

"I'm a busy mom with 2 daughters under 4. These last few years have definitely been challenging, but if they taught me anything, it's that we have to enjoy life, because we never know what's going to happen. Since having my TERMILIGHT AIR installed, I feel more at peace and know that I'm doing the best I can to keep my family healthy and safe. I see TERMILIGHT AIR as an investment in my families future. This is my TERMILIGHT AIR."
-Christina S., Toronto

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Made in Toronto, Ontario. Built for Life.

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The waitlist is the only way to become aware of reservation & install opportunities. Devices are sold first come first serve with a $120* reservation deposit.

Installs are currently limited to addresses within 100km of the CN Tower and homes or buildings with centralized ventilation. Currently not available for condominium units.

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